Link Natural Enriched Paspanguwa 25g

Paspanguwa is the trusted home remedy used for common ailments such as the common flu, influenza, fever, and aches and pains for centuries.

Link Natural Enriched Paspanguwa is a superior product with five base ingredients used traditionally plus three additional booster ingredients to enhance bioavailability, efficacy and produce faster relief. It is specially formulated with authentic ingredients in a washed, dried and coarsely ground form for easy and efficient preparation and better medicinal extraction during preparation. All this is presented to the consumer in an air-tight triple laminated foil pack that prevents insect infestation and contamination, and it preserves the quality and aroma of its ingredients in their original form for the full period or its shelf-life.

Paspanguwa is an ancient remedy in Sri Lanka. The preparation consists of five different herbal ingredients. It is based in Ayurveda and uses Ayurvedic Principles for healing and wellness.

Paspanguwa can be taken when you start to feel ill and could be used as your holistic cold flu formula. It is part of your ayurvedic diet just like in Sri Lanka. the herbs in paspanguwa have holistic properties not found in other holistic cold flu formulas.

Link Natural Enriched Paspanguwa is a unique product based on research carried out on ancient Ayurvedic formulations used to combat cold and cold related symptoms. The traditional “Paspanguwa” is a popular formula, consisting of five plants.  These are boiled in water to produce a decoction, which is called ‘Peyawa’. Many preparations of “Paspanguwa” containing these plants are readily available in the market. In the formulation of Link Enriched Paspanguwa, three other plants renowned for its medicinal activity have been added to strengthen its efficacy.  This new formulation provides synergistic and quick action for the same symptoms and ailments.

Link Paspanguwa is the trusted home remedy used for common ailments such as the common flu, influenza, fever, aches and pains, for centuries.

Therapeutic Effects

This combination of plants has been proved effective in Ayurveda practice for cold and cold related symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose. It also provides relief for body aches, headaches, cough and fever, and enhances appetite and body immunity. This recipe provides the combined activities of a febrifuge, analgesic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and diuretic thus providing relief for such cold related symptoms.

Main Ingredients

Coriandrumsativum, Zingiberofficinale, Hedyotiscorymbosa, Solanumxanthocarpum,Solanumsurattense, Evolvulusalsinoides, Cosciniumfenestratum, Piper nigrum

Directions for use

The contents of a single pouch should be boiled with 3 cups of water for 10-15 minutes. The coloured extract when strained, is ready for consumption. The recommended dosage levels are as follows:

Adults: one Half of a single extraction to be taken twice a day

Children under 10: One quarter of a single extract to be taken in four doses per day.