Link Gotukola tea x 25 bags

 Gotukola is a popular medicinal herb, used in many Asian households for centuries as a nourishing vegetable.  The health benefits of Gotukola have been known for centuries. Known as ‘Brahmi’ in Ayurveda, the whole plant of Gotukola is used by the practitioners in many of their herbal formulations, for its numerous remedial properties. Ancient Ayurveda texts have recommended Gotukola, as a proven   memory enhancer for children and adults. Regular use of Gotukola helps to maintain physical and mental wellbeing and youthfulness. Gotukola is being widely used by Ayurveda Physicians in their prescriptions in combination with many herbal formulations, for various disease conditions, as recommended in ancient Vedic texts.  Gotukola is commonly used in households, as salad in its raw form, and as porridge, or cooked as a curry and now, a beverage as well.

Using naturally grown Gotukola herbs, Link Gotukola Tea is manufactured in a hygienic, environmentally friendly production facility, using modern state-of-the-art process technologies to preserve the medicinal properties and the unique natural flavor of Gotukola. Consistent quality is maintained by latest analytical methods.

Link Gotukola Tea is a refreshing beverage, suitable for children and adults of all ages and can be taken at any time of the day, any number of times.

Link Gotukola Tea contains 100% Gotukola and is completely free of any preservatives or additives.

Link Gotukola Tea is presented in the form of tea bags containing 1.5 g of the product in each, and is served in the usual manner in which tea is prepared.  

The following are some of the benefits of regular use of Gotukola as a vegetable or tea.

•           Enhancement of mental and nervous activity

o          Enhance mental alertness of children and fortifies memory capacity of the elderly. 

o          Reduces mental stress and fatigue.

o          Promotes good nights sleep.

•           Helps to reduce general debility due to premature ageing.

•           Helps to regularize the body’s blood circulation

o          Helps reduce swelling of joints and to prevent cellulites.

o          Relieves pain due to varicose veins and hemorrhoids

•           Useful in maintaining healthy skin and complexion

o          For healing of skin wounds and burns.

o          Prevents pimples and scars.

o          Alleviate or helpful in curing most skin diseases in general

•           Stimulates lactation.

•           Used in the treatment of catarrh, sinusitis, asthma and voice difficulties.


Recent pharmacological investigations and clinical observations have confirmed the positive contribution of Centilla asiatica to the traditional applications and their remedial actions.