Link Five Herbs tea x 25 bags

For health and beauty

General Introduction: Maintenance of  Health, is one of the cardinal principles of the Ancient Ayurvedic System and this aspect is a dominant characteristic of the Sri Lankan system as well. The system recognizes that stress is the cause of many  disease symptoms. To enable the body to combat stress, maintain a calm composure during daily routines, several herbal “teas’ or “tisanes” are available. Combining the therapeutic requirements with palatability the specialist  indigenous physicians of Link designed the “Tea” now called “Five Herbs”. It comprises of the five herbs which individually and synergistically, in combination, act to give the desired counter to daily stress. It also serves as a pleasant hot beverage that calms the mind, body and nervous system.

All the five plant species are widely used in common herbal preparations.

Presentation: In porous “tea” bags containing 1.5 g of dried herbal mix per “tea bag”.

Therapeutic effects:Calms the nerves. Soothes tension. Promotes the creation of a restful condition. At night,  promotes restful sleep. During day time combats nervous tension and restlessness.

Indications:    Tension  and stress in daily routines.

Directions for use: To be consumed as a tea in warm water. No limit to the number of drinks per day.

Constituent Plant Species:

Aegle marmelos - hypoglycemic, digestive, stomachic, cooling, laxative, constipation,cramps,  anti- bacterial, anti- fungal,anti- protozoal, anti- ulcer activity, anti- tumor activity, anti- diarrprotection against gastric ulcers.

Aerva lanata .-  anti- microbial, diuretic, demulcent, anti- diabetic, cooling,diuretic, anthelmintic, haematemessis, lithiasis, used in swellings and cutaneous affections.

 Asteracantha longifolia -Inflammations, cure impurity of blood and burning sensation, eye-diseases, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism,skin disorders

Cassia auriculata L.-anti- hyperglycaemic, combats throat infections, urinary disorders, diuretic, anti- oxidant.

Hemidesmus indicus -tonic, diuretic, diaphoretic, skin diseases, as a blood pure, useful in loss of appetite. diuretic, tonic, refrigerant, expectorant,hypoglycemic, anti- oxidant, anti- thrombic.